Rules and Regulations

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Please note: this is an (unofficial) English translation of the Rules and Regulations (“Huishoudelijk Reglement”). In case of any differences between the English and Dutch versions, the Dutch version is leading.

Version: February 2020

Chapter 1 General Provisions

Article 1
Every member of the Erasmus University Rotterdam Roadrunners (EURR) is considered to be aware of the Statutes and the Rules and Regulations.

Article 2
By joining, every member declares to be in agreement with the Statutes, the Rules and Regulations and all general rules, provisions and decisions of the General Members Assembly (GMA, “Algemene Leden Vergadering / ALV”) and/or the Board.

Article 3
1. Donors are those who pay a minimum contribution to support the association.
2. This donors’ contribution has no fixed relation to the members’ contribution, but is determined by the GMA just like the member’s fee.
3. Donors shall be kept informed of association activities.

Chapter 2 General Members Assembly

Article 4
The General Members Assembly (GMA) is the highest decision-making body and has the right to overturn decisions taken by the Board.

Article 5
Each member and donor is authorized:
1. To attend the ALV and during this:
– to speak;
– to submit proposals or amendments thereto;
– to request a vote on a proposal;
2. To submit ritten proposals for inclusion in the agenda of the next GMA to the secretary of the Board, stating the reasons.

Article 6
1. Supervision of the financial management of the Board shall be entrusted to the audit committee as referred to in the Statutes, article 12 paragraph 2.
2. In addition to the annual final audit, the audit committee will also conduct a half-yearly interim audit.
3. The audit committee is authorized to give solicited and unsolicited advice to the treasurer of the board.

Article 7
A GMA shall be held at least twice a year. Namely, the Change of the Board GMA (“Wisselings ALV / WALV”) and the Half-Yearly GMA (“Halfjaarlijkse ALV / HALV”).

Article 8
Simultaneously with the convocation of a GMA, the Board shall inform the members and donors of the agenda for this General Members Assembly. The items on the agenda shall be accompanied by an explanation and the minutes of the previous General Members Assembly.

Article 9
1. The agenda shall have the following mandatory items:
– opening
– minutes of the previous GMA
– received documents
– determination of the agenda
– board announcements/decisions
– trainings
– what else comes to the table
– any questions and closing
2. The agenda of the Change of the Board GMA and Half-Yearly GMA shall also include as mandatory items:
– report of the President
– report of the Secretary
– report of the Treasurer
– report of the Audit Committee
– report of the Board of Advice
– report of any other Board Members
– reports of the committees

Article 10
The minutes of the GMA must be available within 2 weeks. This should be made known to the members.

Chapter 3 The Board

Article 11
The board shall consist of a chairman, a secretary, a treasurer and a race secretary, unless another division is decided by the GMA.

Article 12
The board is in charge of and bears responsibility for all meetings emanating from the association. Only the leadership can be transferred to a committee if this has been explicitly determined.

Article 13
1. Upon taking office, the Board shall present an annual plan and a budget for the coming season.
2. Should a Board other than the nominated Board be elected (by the GMA), this Board shall have two weeks to complete these matters as it sees fit.

Article 14
The president:
1. provides leadership to the board;
2. keeps himself informed of all matters that concern the association;
3. is the first point of contact for questions, remarks and the like;
4. is responsible for the external contacts of the association;
5. shall represent the association at Erasmus Sport and at other bodies of the Erasmus University Rotterdam that request or require the association’s presence, and shall ensure that a substitute is available in case of absence.
6. shall represent the Association in and out of court;
7. in all other respects conduct themselves in an exemplary manner.

Article 15
The secretary:
1. shall replace the president in their absence;
2. shall manage the correspondence of the association;
3. shall in principle be responsible for press and information;
4. maintains the association’s archives;
5. is responsible for keeping the membership list up to date;
6. keeps a list of former members and donors;
7. is responsible for the publication board;
8. Informs new members about the association;
9. otherwise meets the expectations that can be placed on a secretary.

Article 16
The treasurer:
1. manages the funds of the club and performs accounting functions;
2. is responsible for collecting and spending the association’s funds;
3. maintains contacts with sponsors and subsidy providers;
4. keeps the Board periodically informed about the financial situation of the association;
5. shall ensure that Association funds are not used for personal purposes
6. shall ensure that claims submitted are settled as soon as possible;
7. is obliged to ask for a receipt for all transactions and to keep it for inspection;
8. will keep the complete accounting records in accordance with the applicable legal retention period
9. is obliged to close the books before the Change of the Board GMA, at such a time that the audit committee is able to check these books; at least two weeks before the HALV, gives the audit committee insight into the required documents
10. draws up a budget;
11. monitors and advises the committees of the Association in financial matters;
12. behave as befits a good treasurer.

Article 17
The race secretary:
1. prepares a competition schedule;
2. publishes it in the club magazine;
3. if required by the organization, arranges for the registration of members at “big” competitions (i.e. competitions in which several members including the competition secretary, or a delegate designated by him, participate);
4. maintains the race rankings and any other classifications;
5. maintains the list of club records;
6. is involved in all relays and trips abroad, unless a (different) board member or a committee of the club has committed to do so;
For foreign competitions a committee is usually set up; in principle this committee will take care of everything;
7. performs all other tasks that may be expected of a good competition secretary
be expected of a good match secretary.

Article 18
The tasks mentioned in articles 14 through 17 may be distributed differently among the members of the Board, with the consent of the GMA.

Article 19
Any other members of the Board shall be obliged to duly perform their duties as imposed by the GMA.

Article 20
1. The Board shall meet as often as the president deems this necessary in connection with activities of the Board, or at the request of at least two of its members.
2. Absent Board members shall be informed of the results.

Article 21
1. Trainers and Board shall meet at least twice a year.
2. Action points that follow from this must be recorded.
3. The consultation and the action points shall be reported back to the GMA.

Article 22
1. Board decisions must be supported by a majority of the Board.
2. Regardless of the result, the Board shall strive to present itself as a whole.
3. Decisions of the board that affect the association must be published within 4 weeks.

Article 23
The Board may decide to (partially) subsidize certain activities. The organizers of an activity will consult with the board about this. If a subsidy is applied for at Erasmus Sport, this needs to be accurately coordinated.

Article 24
1. A board member should strive to be regularly present at trainings and activities.
2. If for any reason a board member can no longer fulfill his duties properly, a (partial) replacement will be sought as soon as possible, in consultation with the other board members. This needs to be confirmed at the next GMA.
3. If the other members of the board or the members of the association feel that a member of the board does not meet the requirements mentioned in paragraphs 1 and 2 of this Article, the filling of this position must be discussed at an GMA specially convened for this purpose.

Transfer of the Board

Article 25
1. The outgoing president shall ensure that the new board is registered with the Chamber of Commerce (“Kamer van Koophandel”) with effect from the changeover.
2. The outgoing treasurer shall ensure that the new treasurer has access to the financial resources of the association with effect from the changeover.
3. The outgoing secretary shall ensure that the new board has access to the association’s membership database and archives with effect from the changeover.
4. The outgoing race secretary shall ensure that the new race secretary has the necessary classification and competition files at his/her disposal with effect from the changeover.

Article 26
The new board shall inform the most important external contacts of the new board composition within one week.

Chapter 4 Committees

Article 27
The Board may be assisted by one or more committees.

Article 28
1. The appointment of a committee must take place, on the recommendation of the board, with the approval of the GMA. In appropriate cases, this may be done with retroactive effect.
2. The appointment shall be announced on the website.

Article 29
To each committee a member of the board shall be assigned as contact person. The board member shall hereby keep the other board members continuously informed of the activities of the committee.

Article 30
1. A committee shall consist of at least two members.
2. The committee shall appoint a chairperson from among its members who shall be responsible for the activities of the committee.
3. Every committee that works with financial resources must appoint a treasurer from among its members. This person shall be responsible to the Treasurer of the Board for the accounts and income/expenditures. Receipts must be presented for all transactions.
4. The committee members shall act with due care as befits social intercourse. They are not jointly and severally liable for any costs incurred.

Article 31
The Board may formulate an assignment and indicate a term within which the committee must carry out the assignment.

Article 32
The committees shall report to the members on everything that the interests of the association require.

Article 33
A committee member may retire early. The Board shall grant the resignation, provided the preceding articles of this chapter have been duly complied with.

Article 34
1. In cases where the board deems this desirable, it may call a committee or one or more of its members to account.
2. This may result in expulsion from the committee.
3. In the event of expulsion, the board itself or on the recommendation of the committee may fill the vacancies that have arisen.

Chapter 4a Board of Advice

article 34a
1. There shall be an Board of Advice (“Raad van Advies / RvA”).
2. The Board of Advice shall consist of at least two and no more than four members.
3. Admissible to the Board of Advice are members and donors who have been directors of a legal entity with full legal capacity.

Article 34b
1. The Board shall post a public vacancy for membership of the Board of Advice via a newsletter.
2. Members and donors who are eligible according to Article 34a (3) may respond.
3. The Board shall check the admissibility of the applicants.
4. The Board selects two, three or four admissible members and/or supporters and nominates them at the Change of the Board GMA.
5. If only two candidates come forward, they will be nominated by right.
6. If fewer than two eligible candidates report, the Board shall not nominate anyone.

Article 34c
1. Eligible members and supporters who have not been selected by the Board may nominate themselves by sending the Board a document to this effect at least 24 hours before the Change of the Board GMA.
2. The document submitted shall be accompanied by a certificate of eligibility.
3. The GMA shall check the admissibility of the candidates who put themselves forward as candidates in accordance with this article.
4. The admissible candidates shall be admitted to the election.

Article 34d
When all candidates are known there shall be room for discussion and the candidates shall be given the opportunity to explain their candidacy.

Article 34e
1. The election shall be conducted by secret and written ballot.
2. If there are fewer than four candidates, voting shall be by writing “for” or “against” on the ballot form for each candidate. This can be done on one form for all candidates. The candidates with more “for” than “against” votes are elected.
3. If there are more than four candidates, voting is done by writing the names of up to four candidates on the ballot form. The candidates whose names are written down the most and whose names are on more than half of the votes cast are elected.
4. If fewer than two members are elected to the Board of Advice, the Board shall appoint two members to the Board of Advice without regard to Article 34a, paragraph 3. Article 4 shall apply accordingly.

Article 34f
1. The duties of the Board of Advice are:
a. to assist in the induction of the new board, and
b. to advise the board.
2. The Board of Advice and the Board shall meet prior to each GMA and otherwise as often as they both deem necessary.
3. The Board of Advice shall always advise the Board upon request.
4. The Board of Advice shall provide the Board with unsolicited advice:
a. At meetings as referred to in paragraph 2, and
b. In case of emergencies.
5. The Board of Advice and the Board shall agree in advance what constitutes an emergency as in paragraph 4(b).
6. The opinions of the Board of Advice shall not be binding.

Chapter 5 Association Activities

Article 35
The Board must ensure the organization of and timely publicity around activities organized by the Association.

Article 36
1. Members may be eligible for subsidies from Erasmus Sport.
2. The requirement for this is that one is in possession of a valid sports card.

Article 37
1. Non-members can participate under certain conditions.
2. If there is a maximum number of participants, association members always have priority in filling in the spaces. However, if a non-member pays membership fees after all, he shall have the same rights as a member.
3. If it is adequately demonstrated (at the discretion of the Board) that a non-member participates without detriment to the participation of a member, this non-member can participate at no additional cost. He cannot claim any subsidies.

Article 38
1. Registration as a participant in an activity is binding in relation to the (reservation and/or registration) costs to be made. One is then obliged to pay the costs incurred.
2. A participant may be asked to make a down payment.
3. Unforeseen costs can be recovered from the participants.
4. If a member signs up a guest, the member may be held responsible for any expenses incurred by the guest.
5. In case of non-payment, a collection agency and possibly a bailiff may be called in. Defaulters are then responsible for the internal and extrajudicial costs incurred by the association.

Chapter 6 Competitions

Article 39
For competitions the same rules as in the preceding chapter will apply.

Article 40
The race secretary will publish the dates before which pre-registration is required well in advance.

Article 41
Members are required to appear at competitions in their club clothes, if possible.

Article 42
1. Members of the association automatically participate in a classification based on competitions.
2. The race secretary must determine and publish the rules no later than September 30 of the season. If no new rules have been established by this date, the same rules apply as in the previous season.

Chapter 7 Recognition marks

Article 43
The Association’s logo is the name of the association or the name of the association abbreviated to “EUR Roadrunners” or “EURR”. The “Roadrunner”, free after the example of the Warner Brothers cartoon, can serve as a support.

Article 44
The club uniform consists of a yellow shirt or a yellow singlet with the club logo, and black pants.

Article 45
Association clothing is available from the association. The board may decide to offer one or more items of clothing at a reduced rate.

Chapter 8 Trainings

Article 46
1. The association has a trainer and assistant trainer(s) to assist the association. The following applies to them:
a. the trainer is appointed, paid and dismissed by the management of Erasmus Sport;
b. the trainer works closely with and is accountable to the management of the EURR;
c. the trainer and the board may decide to appoint one or more assistant trainers who will not necessarily be employed by Erasmus Sport;
d. the (head) trainer has successfully completed a trainer training that is recognized by the Athletics Union (“Atletiek Unie”) and focused on running sports;
e. assistant trainers shall follow the instructions of the head trainer;
2. The (head) trainer is responsible for the training technical and competitive aspects of athletics and duties include:
a. designing an integrated and varied training plan that addresses both beginners and experienced competitive runners;
b. designing and determining the content of the training sessions as well as realizing them;
c. stimulating members to follow training and participate in competitions;
d. training and technical guidance of members.
3. In consultation with the board the (head) trainer or one of the assistant trainers can extend his duties to include the following tasks:
a. planning and coordinating special training elements such as a beginner’s course, information on clothing and injuries, guest training or further education;
b. support of the organizational volunteer cadre.

Article 47
1. Members of the association automatically participate in the Jan Oosterhoff classification which is based on attendance at training sessions.
2. The competition secretary must determine and publish the rules no later than September 30 of the season. If no new rules have been established by this date, the same rules will apply as in the previous season.

Article 48
Non-members can participate in four free practices to get acquainted.

Chapter 9 Other

Article 49
With the approval of the General Members Assembly, the Board may decide to organize extra activities for donors and/or former members or to provide certain facilities.

Article 50
1. The editors of the club magazine, the “Courier”, are not accountable to anyone in determining the contents of this club magazine. This content, however, may not be deliberately offensive in nature.
2. There may be some requirements by the board regarding the design of the magazine.
3. In any case, it shall be required that the addresses of the association and the composition of the board and the committees shall be mentioned in a clear and constant place.

Article 51
The Board shall have the possibility to appoint a person who has rendered a long-term service to the association as ‘member of merit’ (“Lid van Verdienste”).
The appointment shall be ratified by the GMA.
The title does not entail any additional rights and obligations.

Article 52
1. In cases not provided for in these Rules and Regulations, the Board shall decide.
2. The right to interpretation of these Rules and Regulations rests with the Board.

Article 53
The Statutes and the Rules and Regulations may be published on the website or in the club magazine. The list of members may also be published in the club magazine or on the website, but only as far as the Dutch legislation concerning the handling of personal data allows.

Article 54
1. Changes to these Rules and Regulations can only be decided upon at an GMA convened for that purpose.
2. Amendments shall take effect immediately after adoption, unless the GMA decides otherwise.
3. The secretary of the board shall notify the members in writing of any change.