‍Board and Committee Vacancies

As previously mentioned, the time has come to start looking for the next board! We are looking for enthusiastic, motivated and ambitious Roadrunners to fulfill one of the four board positions: president, vice-president/race secretary, secretary or treasurer. As the 31st board, the year has certainly turned out different to what was expected, however, it has still been a thoroughly rewarding and fun year for all of us. We are confident that the 32nd board will have an experience that is just as rewarding and can achieve and organise a lot. If you are enthusiastic about being part of the 32nd board of the Roadrunners, please apply by sending your CV and motivation to voorzitter@eur-roadrunners.nl before May 23th. If you have any questions regarding the board, or if you’re doubting which position you want to apply for, don’t hesitate to reach out to a current board member for any questions! We’re looking forward to seeing your applications! Last but not least, as an international student, you can off course apply for all board positions as well. 

In order to give you a slight overview of the positions you can apply for, we have all written a paragraph about our positions. 

As the president of the Roadrunners, you have a very versatile function! You communicate with members, donators and trainers, but also with external parties such as ErasmusSport and Zeus! Arranging several administrative things regarding the Erasmusronde and Eurekaweek are also part of your function. As the president, you chair the board meetings and GMA’s as well. Furthermore, the president is responsible for anything the other board members aren’t responsible for! Most of all, you work very closely with your fellow board members, one of the things that makes this position so much fun! Are you a team player? Do you have good communication skills? Can you keep the overview within and outside the association? Then the president position suits you perfectly!  

Race secretary
As the race secretary, it is your job to handle all things related to running competitions! This means organizing a race of the month, either as a virtual race or by joining a normal race with a group of Roadrunners. As race secretary, you are also the vice-chairperson! You will therefore fill the role of Chairperson when the chairperson is not able to do so. There are also continues tasks that must be done throughout the year, such as keeping track of the JO-Bokaal and keeping the race results and rankings up to date. The position is very rewarding, and if you are passionate about going to races and encouraging other members, we urge you to apply! 

Dylan, Race Secretary & Vice-President of the 31st Board of the EUR-Roadrunners

The treasurer position is primarily about the money! As the treasurer, you will make a budget, handle all transactions, advise committees on their financials, present the financial statements at the GMA, and sell the club shirts and hoodies. You decide what money is spent where: so do you want more drinks, parties, or events? It’s all up to you! Furthermore, as a board member you will be involved with anything that’s being organised, and you will supervise one of the committees. Don’t be afraid if you don’t have any bookkeeping/financial experience, it’s very easy and we will show you how everything works!

Robin, Treasurer of the 31st Board of the EUR-Roadrunners

Do you like to stay in touch with the association and its members? Then this position is something for you! As the secretary you have a lot of space to be creative and use this to promote the association as best as possible. Posting things on social media and keeping members and donors up to date about what’s happening with the club through the monthly newsletter. Besides this you are responsible for any member related issues, like keeping the members list updated and ordering the sports cards at Erasmussport. Of course as a board member you will be responsible for your own committee, which I always found a lot of fun to do because you can plan and give shape to some of the bigger events of the year! All in all this board position will keep you active throughout the year, you will get to know the members better and I loved having meetings and dinners with fellow board members. I hope to see your application soon and if you have any questions feel free to reach out!

Ruben, Secretary of the 31st Board of the EUR-Roadrunners

New Board of Advice
We are looking for a new board of advice as well! The board of advice consists of two to four persons and advises the board when they ask for it. All members and donators of the Roadrunners, who’ve been in the board of any legal person (among others, the Roadrunners), are welcome to apply for a membership. Please apply by sending your CV and motivation letter to voorzitter@eur-roardunners.nl before May 23th.

Eurekaweek committee
Although its form is still uncertain, there will definitely be an Eurekaweek this year! As every year, this is the perfect opportunity to meet and reach future first year Erasmus students! To make sure that this year’s edition will again be a great success, we are currently looking for a committee to help the current and new board with the organisation. If you are available between the 16th and 19th of August and are motivated to help the Roadrunners to organise the different activities and win new members, please email secretaris@eur-roadrunners.nl with a short motivation before the 23th of May. 

Erasmusronde committee
Although the virtual Erasmusronde was a big success, we hope to organise a live Erasmusronde again next year. For this, we are looking for people who are willing to help the old and new board. This is a great opportunity to improve your organisation skills and set up a fun and big event! If you’re interested, please send a short motivation to voorzitter@eur-roardunners.nl before May 23th. 

We are looking forward to your application!


Dylan, Robin, Ruben and Marit
31st board EUR-Roadrunners