Points obtained per race: Distance score (min 0 – max 6) + Position score (min 1 – max 5) + Bonus points (min 0 – max 1) + season records (min 0 – max 5) = total score



  • Race:
    Races will only count towards the rankings if the running times are registered and the times are published by the organization, online or written.
    1. A staircase race does count towards your total races.
    2. If at a swim-run or triathlon, the running part is measured separately and the times are published by the organization, online or written, than this result will count towards your total races.
    3. If the times are not published you need to send proof to the race secretary who then decide if race counts or not.
  • Relay:
    A race between teams, in which each team member participates in only a set part of the race and is then relieved by another member of the team.
    When you subscribe for a race as a team, but you do nog relieve another team member and the times are measured separately, this will count as a regular race and not as a relay.
  • Beer chase:
    There is a maximum of 1 beer chase that will be valid for the rankings. Which beer chase that is must be stated prior to the race.
    The beer chase must meet the following conditions:
    1. 1 or more time registrars for a correct registration of the finishing times.
    2. Everyone drinks beer (unless otherwise discussed).
    3. The race must be finished until the very end.
    4. The participant must follow the given route.
    5. The race must be held uninterrupted.

Entering race results

  1. Every member/member of honor is responsible for the correct filing of their own race results on our website.
  2. The season will start at 01 September up to and including 31 August.
  3. Races results need to be filled in within 2 months. If the organization didn`t publish the results jet contact the race secretary.
  4. It is not allowed to withhold race results for tactical advance.
  5. The race secretary will communicate the latest date that you can send in results. The latest date is usually half September.


When, in a certain situation, the total number of points to be awarded is unclear, the race secretary will have the right to make a decision.

When there is a draw at the end of a season the following rules apply, starting with one:

  1. Person with the most season records wins.
  2. Person with the most races wins.
  3. Person with the most races of the month wins.


Points regarding the distance covered are awarded by following the table listed below:

Distance covered (km) Points awarded
<1 0
>=1 - ≤=5 1
>5 - <=10 2
>10 - <=20 3
>20 - <=40 4
≥40 =<80 5
>80 6

At a relay where the distances are longer then 1km everybody gets 2 point for the distance.


  1. All members are eligible to receive at least 1 point per finished race.
  2. When you finish a race in front of people from the same sex, you will be awarded 1 point per person you have left behind, up to a maximum of 5 points.
  3. At a relay each member/participant will be awarded 1 point, regardless of the rule stated in b).


Finishing in certain races will result in bonus points to motivate runners to participate in certain races. Each race will be granted a maximum of one bonus point even though it may meet one or more of the criteria.

  • Race of the Month
  • NSK
  • Club Championships

Seasonal Records

Points will be awarded of the fastest runners in each of the five main distances (5,0 – 10,0 – 15,0 – 21,1 – 42,2). Every runner finishing in the top 5 of a certain distance will get points following the schedule below. It is of course possible to finish in multiple  top 5`s. But for a specific distance only your best time counts.

Position Points  awarded
1 5
2 4
3 3
4 2
5 1