Open Trainings September

Due to the coronavirus, we're probably not allowed to be on campus a lot for the coming academic year. So contact with other students will be limited, and if you still want to connect with other students, this is the perfect time to join a sport association!


During the Eurekaweek you can find us at the information market! Don’t hesitate to approach one of our members at the information market to learn more about the Roadrunners. We will also organize two open trainings on the 14th and 28th of September! If you are interested in running and want to join an open training, please send an email to After each open training there will be a drink where you can get to know our members and our association. You can find more info about those open trainings on this website!

the best way to learn more about our club is join a few trainings whether you are running for fun competition fitness or just want get know other people we hope that will us

Unable to go to one of the open trainings? No worries, you are always welcome to join us during one of the regular trainings! For more information, you can always send an e-mail to

Also, make sure to follow us on instagram @eurroadrunners