Every week, the EUR-Roadrunners host two trainings. Due to corona we currently host small group trainings all around the city. When we can train with a bigger group again, on Monday, we train on the athletics track of PAC (Langepad 16). On Wednesday, we start at Erasmussport (Burgemeester Oudlaan 50), and leave to varying places in Rotterdam to do a road training. The dressing rooms open at 18:30, and both trainings start at 18:45.

The trainings are accessible and challenging for runners of every level, as you can choose between different trainings schedules: the beginners, the 5 km group, the 10 km (run or race) group, and long distance.


Training schedule

To improve your running the most efficient way we have an year plan which we use to make a trainings schedule every few months for the coming weeks. The year plan consist in 4 periods:

  • Preparation period1 building our base with core exercises and building up our kilometers.
  • Preparation2 more technique and focus on speed.
  • Races period where we lower the kilometers but keep running on speed.
  • Vacation!

The weekly base is as followed:

  • Monday, we do short intervals on the track and focus on the technique.
  • Wednesday, longer interval to improve Cardiovascular.
  • In the weekend, you need to do your own endurance run to improve capillary and mitochondrial density.

There are some exceptions like for the beginners group and for the marathon runners.

In the weekend we regularly join road races, cross country and relay races. You would be informed at the regular trainings, or by website and mail.


Marijn Rodenburg

Joris Wulfer

We have 2 trainers each training one trainer will be the main trainer for the day, and the other will assist or join the training, depending on the group size.

Marijn Rodenburg (right), member Roadrunners since 2008 and trainer since may 2018. Also known as barefoot-runner, follower of Wim Hof’s iceman trainings, and for running the Rotterdam marathon within 3 hours.

Joris Wulfert (left), member since 2007 and trainer since may 2018. Has also run the marathon within 3 hours, and is besides that known for joining insanely long races, such as a 6-hour race, or the 100 km ultrarun in Winschoten.

If you have any questions you can contact them at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.