Our association couldn’t exist without our invaluable members, especially the ones that are part of one of the committees. If you are interested in the committees, or maybe even want to join one, you can read more about them on this page! All committees of the EUR-Roadrunners are an easily accessible opportunity for all members of the EUR-Roadrunners to become more active in the association and to gain experience in organizing events.

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Events Committee

The Events Committee organizes social events throughout the year. The committee organizes the monthly ‘Dinner of the Month’, where each month we dine in a different restaurant in Rotterdam. Besides that, they come up with a lot of fun events, all of which are inexpensive and easily accessible for all members. The Events Committee is responsible for the organization of the following events:

  • Dinner of the Month
  • Drinks
  • Any other fun event!

Of course, every member of the Roadrunners can suggest ideas for the events.

Members: Fabian, Minke, Alison, Lieke, Söfyan

Batavierenrace Committee

On the 23th and 24th of April the Batavierenrace, the world’s biggest student relay run, will take place again. As the EUR-Roadrunners we will of course join, since this event is always a great experience. With a team of 25 participants we will run a relay from Nijmegen to Enschede, in total 175km! The Batavierenrace committee is in charge of arranging everything regarding the Batavierenrace. This includes:

  • Promoting the Batavierenrace among the members
  • Filling the team
  • Arranging car(s) and/or small bus
  • Making the (running)schedule
  • Finding enough tents, bike(s)
  • Doing groceries
  • Managing the cash/bills

Members: To be announced!

Erasmusronde Committee

The most important and biggest race organised by the EUR-Roadrunners. With over 500 participants every year this race became an important showpiece of our association. Since our club was founded (1989) we started organising the Erasmusronde year after year. The committee is the most time-consuming, but also the most challenging. The tasks of the committee include:

  • Promotion
  • Taking care of the Erasmusronde website
  • Finding sponsors
  • Coordination on the day itself
  • Communication with Erasmus Sport

For more information you can take a look at

Members: Lars, Jasper, Elina, Andreas

Promotion Committee

The Promotion Committee (formerly the Courier Committee) deals with a mix of external and internal relations, focused on promoting the social part of the Roadrunners. They are responsible for making the Courier, our very own newsletter. Members of this committee can find all sorts of good, funny and weird stories that make up the heart of this association. They help with broadcasting news and facts about our associations to both the members and the outside. They stay in contact with other Student Athletics Organizations around the Netherlands and other student sports associations under Erasmus Sport.

  • Bring out new editions of the Courier (newsletter)
  • Find the best and funniest stories about Roadrunners events
  • Create/maintain a social bond with other Student Athletics Organizations from ZeuS
  • Create/maintain a social bond with other student sports associations under Erasmus Sport

Members: To be announced!

Website Committee

Our website committee designed and manages the Roadrunners website. Besides that they are the ones you can approach if you (or your committee) have/has any IT related questions. The people in this committee are known to be awesome and never put anything untruthful on the website. Also, please give us money for committee bonding (beer).

Members: Robin & Koen

If you would like to be part of a committee or if you have ideas for a new committee you can send an e-mail to