34th board of the EUR-Roadrunners (2022-2023)

President: Kuba

Secretary: Nadia

Treasurer: Mátyás

Race Secretary: Tygo

Linnéa Bouroncle


Hi! My name is Linnéa and I am the president of the EUR-Roadrunners.

I am half-Swedish half-Peruvian and grew up in Washington DC. I’ve been studying at Erasmus University for the past four years, and am doing a Masters in Marketing Management at RSM.

I joined the Roadrunners because I wanted to continue running, but in the end I’ve gained so much more from this amazing team! I am really excited for the upcoming year, and can’t wait to run with all of you!

Alice "Yuki" Girardi

Race Secretary & Vice-President

Hello! My name is Alice Yukiko Girardi, but I usually go by Yuki. I am 19 years old and I originally come from Verona, a small city in northern Italy, but I moved to Rotterdam about a year ago.

I am going to start my second year at Erasmus University College, where I study the Liberal Arts and Science program. Apart from running, I enjoy climbing, hiking, reading, and cooking.

I joined the Roadrunners because I have been running constantly for years and I was pleasantly surprised by the positive community spirit I found through this association.

Lieke Bonsma


Hi! I’m Lieke, I’ve been a member of the Roadrunners for a year now. I have been active in the activity committee and the Bata committee and enjoyed it very much!

I completed a HBO bachelor and this upcoming year I’m going to start my pre-masters at RSM. In my free time, I like going out for a hike and taking my camera with me to photograph the wildlife.

See you all soon!

Previous Boards

President: Linnéa Bouroncle
Treasurer: Lieke Bonsma
Race Secretary / Vice-President: Alice “Yuki” Girardi

President: Tomas Kvaska
Secretary: Athaya Putri / Jakub Simko
Treasurer: Koen Berben
Race Secretary / Vice-President: Fabian Hack

President: Marit Ruiterkamp
Secretary: Ruben Eijkelkamp
Treasurer: Robin van Merle
Race Secretary / Vice-President: Dylan Baker

President: Tom de Groen
Secretary: Hannah van Riswijk
Treasurer: Lisa de Wit
Race Secretary / Vice-President: Amarah van der Zwet

President: Sophie van Streun
Secretary: Esther Pieters
Treasurer: Irene van Beelen
Race Secretary / Vice-President: Manon Witkamp

President: Jisha Visser
Secretary: Lena Bieleman
Treasurer: Aimée Stuijt
Race Secretary: Manon Witkamp

President: Jasper Bonsma
Secretary: Roos Peerdeman
Treasurer: Ahmed Mustafa
Race Secretary: Irene van Beelen

President: Rosanne Baars
Secretary: Esther Pieters
Treasurer: Emma Leygnac
Race Secretary: Anne Rietveld

President: Menno Mertens
Secretary: Desiree van Reeuwijk
Treasurer: Adna Omegaric
Race Secretary: Heleen Slingerland

President: Job van Steenkiste
Secretary: Heleen Slingerland
Treasurer: Maaike van der Kaaij
Race Secretary: Menno Mertens

President: Marc de Reus
Secretary: Joris Wulfert
Treasurer: Maarten van Vliet
Race secretary: Marijn Rodenburg

President: Simon Hattinga
Secretary: Leon Persoon
Treasurer: Joris Wulfert
Race Secretary: Marijn Rodenburg & Pascal den Hartog