Become a member!

The EUR-Roadrunners welcome everyone who wants to become a part of our group. The only requirement is that you must be a student to join. Besides that everyone is welcome, no matter their gender, origin, proficiency in sports/running, lifestyle or anything of the like.

There are a lot of benefits to becoming a Roadrunner, to name just a few:

  • 2 trainings per week.
  • A training program adjusted for different levels or running.
  • Social activities (including international trips).
  • New members activities.
  • Chances to meet many new students and organize great events!

Become a member!

It’s always possible to join a few of our trainings and see if you like it. You can just drop by or fill in the form on the right. If you want to contact us directly via email, you can reach us at!

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Join a training!


During the year (excluding holidays) we host 2 trainings per week (monday and wednesday, starting at 18.45), in which we will begin with a warming-up consisting of strength and running exercises, usually followed by interval training or a fartlek. Our trainers make sure to include different levels of training into our programs. This normally varies from programs focusing on 5km to long distance, but they can recommend a program for every level of runner. During the trainings, you can expect a few tips from the trainers if they notice something you can improve on. Furthermore, you can always ask them about any running related advice you might need.

During summer vacation we host summer trainings. Each week a different member hosts the training, and we have dinner afterwards.

For more information about the trainings, see this page.

Social Activities

At the EUR-Roadrunners, the social activities are (next to running of course) the biggest focus of the organization. We offer a wide range of social events so there is always something new and interesting to look forward to! For new members, we often host extra social activities so everyone can get to know each other better. In the past, this has lead to escape rooms and more. Every month, all Roadrunners are welcome to join us on our Dinner of the Month, which will explore a variety of different dining options all across Rotterdam! Less regularly but still frequent are our drinks, which we host after a training or in the weekend. These can range from some social drinks after a training to a full pubquiz night.

Races & Race Rankings

Since we’re a running association, we also regularly join running races together! For each month, the Race Secretary picks a Race of the Month, and we try to visit this race with as many members as possible. This is always a race that offers different distances: usually 5km, 10km and a longer distance like 15km, half or full marathon. Furthermore we try to pick races that are easily accessible by public transport. This way, every member is able to join the Race of the Month!

We also have internal race rankings, were all members can gain points by running races. You can earn points by speed, number of races and distance of the races. The rules are designed in such a way that every member can get out on top; not only our fastest members. We also have a yearly club championship, where we find out who our fastest members are. Lastly, we have the Jan Oosterhoff bokaal, which is awarded to the member that attends the most trainings.

Combining Running & Laughing

Some would say that combining running and fostering social connections is near impossible, since everyone runs and races on a different level. However, we have adopted a multitude of different activities which will make you sweat and chat. One of those activities is our yearly participation in the Batavierenrace, which is the world’s biggest relay race. In this race you can support your fellow members while they run, while you race your own leg at your own pace. And as always, there will be drinks after (and also before for those who dare)! Do you want to have fun with each other and cheer people on while organizing your own race? Each year, the EUR-Roadrunners hosts the Erasmusronde, which attracts old members, other students and local/regional runners!