Our running group consists of enthusiastic Hogeschool and university students who like to run together. We run on the track, the road, the forest of Kralingen, and once in a while we have a beach- or skiberg training. Besides running we organize weekly drinks and a dinner of the month. We regularly participate in running competitions, both as a team and individually. Highlights of the year are Hyde Park Relays London and the Batavierenrace, the biggest student running event of the Netherlands at which runners alternate day and night for two days and after which a big party takes place.

Our members range from recreational runners till serious runners who participate in competitions. No matter how fit you are, how fast you run, or which distance you prefer, you are always welcome in our group. As a beginner you dont have to be afraid that you cannot keep up with the group. Because of the differences in speed we use different running programs, in which everyone can run at its own pace.  At this website you can find some information about us, such as our training schedules, calender and pictures.You can get an even better impression about our group by attending one of our training sessions.

We have regular trainings twice a week:

  • The training on Monday starts at  running association PAC, which is located at the edge of the Kralingse forest, Langepad 16. From 18:30 to 18:45 you have the possibility to make use of the dressing rooms. At 18:45 we start with the warming up. After this we will do running exercises, in order to improve our running ability and technique. After this the training program starts, which will normally consist of three different programs. In this way, people with different running speed can train together, while doing different programs.

  • The trainings on Wednesdays start at 18:45 at the Sport building at the Erasmus University sports cantine. Normally we run through different locations in Rotterdam and surroundings, such as Kralingse forest, Maasboulevard or the windmills near the Kralingse lake. In the spring there are also special hill trainings at the Skiberg or beach trainings at of Hoek van Holland. The road trainings are also divided, in order to deal with the difference in running speed between the members. There two or three groups, because of which you will never run alone.
    Members could make use of the sports massage order to loosen the muscles. Linda and John are always available to give all the members and donators a massage, for free. They have been involved with the Roadrunners for over 25 years now! They are both an important part of our association and they regularly attend Roadrunner events. The massages will take place after the training. Make sure that you bring your towel when you are planning to take a massage, since showering before is mandatory.

  • In the weekend we regularly join road races, cross country and relay races. You would be informed at the regular trainings, or by website and mail if you become a member.

The best way to learn more about our club is to join a few trainings! Afterwards, you can decide if you want to become a member of the EUR-Roadrunners. Whether you are running for fun, competition, fitness, or just want to get to know other runners, we hope that will join us.

We hope to see you soon at one of our trainings, drinks or at a run!

Become a member
Do you like our club? After a couple of trainings you can decide if you want become a member. In that case, click here!

Membership is only € 40,- a year! Furthermore, you need to possess a sports card from Erasmus Sport. If you don't have one already, you can buy one via our club. e-mail our This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to find out the current price. With this card you are also able to join other sports. 
You can become a member of our club at any time of the year, but please note that you pay contribution for one academic year, starting in September and ending in August. 

Becoming a member includes the following:

  • Two professional trainings per week, throughout the whole year
  • free massages on Wednesday evening
  • Membership of the Atletiekunie
  • 4 club magazines per year
  • Discount on sports clothes and running shoes at de Hardloopwinkel in Rotterdam
  • Getting to know many new students during our drinks, dinners, races, running travels and other activities.


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