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PAC Ekiden 2018

ekiden-2018-258On July 4, it was time for the annual PAC Ekiden again. Just like last years, the EUR-Roadrunners participated , this year with two teams! It was a very hot day, so after we found our ‘chillspot’ in the shade, it was time to get started! An Ekiden is a relay in which you run a marathon in teams of six persons. Both mix-teams did the best they could, Team 1 became 40th and Team 2 146st, good job everyone! After the race, it was time to relax in the sun, enjoying some beers and other drinks. When everyone started to feel a bit hungry, it was time to head to the Wandelaar and enjoy a delicious dinner! Leo cooked us a nice home-made meal, with of course Nasi Goreng and other delicious and fresh food! It was very nice way to end the season, hopefully everyone enjoyed it!

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