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How to enjoy your run to the fullest

Running is easy right? Yet running with discipline, no injuries and joy at the same time, that’s something else. We runners love to challenge ourselves. Time after time, mile after mile, run after run… We are built to move.

Now the sun is slowly rising and we are moving into a perfect running climate, we gathered some tips of the house to make the most out of yourself. First things first: get enough sleep. If you don’t get enough sleep you simply won’t create enough energy. Be sure to always charge yourself before a run. And that goes together with your nutrition. Eat good, drink good, then you’ll run good. You not only want to run good? But magnificent? Get yourself a new outfit from time to time.

To keep the variation into your daily runs, sometimes it’s nice to surprise yourself. New running shorts of adidas, a new Nike-shirt with a statement on it, or those innovative shoes of Asics that have been looking at you for weeks? These kind of products make you feel confident and powerful. And every extra boost is welcome right? Note, don’t get us wrong: don’t buy just to buy and not that much, but truly think about it and make your pick wisely. For a clear overview we suggest Sportshowroom.nl, a new concept in the industry. They are presenting products of the most well-known brands in a neat showroom. You’ll find all your favourite stores and products simply at one place. On top of this, they share stories of the latest releases to explain why a certain product does what it does and how it helps you in your daily runs. Definitely worth a visit.

And last but not least, our most important tip: enjoy, enjoy and enjoy. Never forget that. Short-distance sprints, long-distance marathons, stamina exercises, explosive exercises, or variations of everything. It’s all good. You run how you like to run. Enjoy! Always.

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